Make a woman laugh and fall for you

Humor is one of the most powerful weapon to make a woman come. You can win the feelings of your woman thorough the funny side. If you have ever attended any dating forum, you can bear me witness that women always hotgive commentaries or write in their profiles that they don’t like guys who always put serious faces. On the contrary, many women like men with the sense of humor. A big percentage of women rank humor as one of the three key things of the men they want to date. If you know how to put a smile on your woman’s face, then you are ahead of the game and she will eventually fall for you.

If you are among the men who view the sense of humor as a tricky and a challenging thing to you, then you should stop worrying. There are some techniques that could help about how to make a woman come. One of the tips that can help you make a woman laugh and fall for you is the ability to throw a joke.

Most men are afraid of making a joke because they feel skeptical that he joke is not funny enough and a woman may feel frustrated or disappointed. Studies shows that the brain of the women are more neutral and not disappointed when the joke is not funny enough, but it could give them much joy if the joke is surprisingly funny. Go ahead and make your woman laugh.

Do not be too serious or frown. Instead, always wear a smile. You can create a pleasant mood by always wearing a great smile on your face. Through a smile, the women around you as a cheerful and a happy person and everyone would like to be with a happy person. Women always fall for the happy and cheerful men.

Humor is more powerful than most people have ever imagined. There are men who have made women come and fall for them through the science of humor.

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